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Kane is an emcee, vocalist, producer, and entrepreneur who created the Rebel Music Collective entertainment label in 2011. While receiving his degree in business with a concentration in entrepreneurship, Kane became determined to use his skills further. 


By 2015, the two had joined forces, added additional talent to their musical arsenal, and formed the hip-hop/R&B trio now known as Lo Village. 


Before businessman, label head, and producer, Kane is a student of music. From Stevie Wonder to Mos Def, Kane’s musical influences extend beyond the boundaries of music genres. His classic yet unorthodox approach to hip hop and R&B is apparent through Lo Village’s diverse perspectives and backgrounds, exotic vocals, and intrinsic sound.


Ama is a lead vocalist, songwriter, and rapper who joined Lo Village in 2015. With her R&B-soul infused blend and unique style of words, she adds a special rawness that stands out amongst the group.


At age 16, with influences like MC Kane, Ama began recording as hobby and singing short hooks and melodies on Lo Village’s first tape, Last Summer. However, Ama’s biggest musical influence came before that. At age 13, Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill changed her life, as well as her perspective on music. Without realizing rap would be something she’d tap into, her twist on hip hop brings another fresh sound to Lo Village's already indescribable sound.


Tyler Lardy, better known as Charles Tyler, has been an avid Hip-Hip fan since first hearing Little Bow Wow’s “Doggy Bag” in 2001, and has been writing music since age 8 with influences like Murphy Lee and Juelz Santana. 


Charles has brought a captivating sound to Lo Village since the group was established as a trio in 2015. He holds a special bond with the group, having been with Kane when he founded Rebel Music Collective in 2011. The years following were Lo Village’s “shooting in the gym years,” mostly consisting of Charles and Kane recording in Kane’s basement until dropping the group’s first mixtape “Last Summer” in 2016. 


When Tyler is not making music, he is still typically thinking about making music or whipping up a batch of buttermilk biscuits to share with the group during their long and often strenuous recording sessions. (Also, if you know anything about Charles, you know he can’t cook to save his life.)

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